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October 27, 2022

IGCSE Tuition

An IGCSE is an examination that is based on the English language and is conducted on a one-to-one basis. It is one of the most popular exams and is extremely challenging. If you are worried that your child may not do well, IGCSE tuition may be just what you need.

IGCSE is an English language based examination

English language based IGCSE tuition focuses on improving students’ skills in writing, reading, and responding to literature. It teaches students a broad range of vocabulary and grammar, and also develops their understanding of literary conventions. In addition, IGCSE English courses also provide students with the opportunity to practice speaking and listening skills, and help students develop their ideas and responses to syllabus topics.

IGCSE tutors teach students to describe their experiences in detail and reflect on their own thoughts. They also prepare students for presentations, including how to set the tone and emphasis when speaking or writing. The lessons are designed to make students feel confident when speaking and writing about their experiences.

It is conducted on a one-to-one basis

IGCSE tuition is usually done on a one-to-one basis, which ensures effective tutoring. This type of tuition is perfect for intense study sessions, as it gives you undivided attention from the tutor. This is important if you’re hoping to ace your IGCSE exams.

Tuition is typically given once or twice a week. There are also intensive courses offered during holidays. Subjects covered by IGCSE classes include Biology, Economics, English, Geography, History, and Mathematics. Private group tuition is also available, though this usually requires a minimum of two students. Tuition rates vary depending on the experience of the tutor.

It is a popular exam

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an English language based examination. It is the world’s most popular international qualification. It is the same level as the GCSE in the UK and is offered by Edexcel and Oxford AQA. The IGCSE syllabus has over 70 subjects and is normally taken by students aged fourteen to sixteen.

The IGCSE is considered a reliable exam and a good way to test the knowledge of students. The questions vary from session to session, so students are constantly challenged. This allows them to expand their knowledge and develop critical thinking skills.

It is a challenging exam

The IGCSE is an exam that students in many countries take to prove their aptitude for the subject they’re studying. The format is open to students of all abilities, with questions divided by difficulty level. It is also an excellent preparation for entry to international universities and further study on the IB Diploma Programme. In addition, many teachers report that IGCSE students demonstrate a solid grasp of foundational concepts.

The IGCSE exam differs from other exams because it is structured as a series of tests throughout the year. Each test is graded on an A* to G scale, with a final grade calculated by averaging all test scores. The IGCSE also allows students to take optional subjects, known as extended curriculum subjects, to improve their overall score on the exam.

It is a popular exam in Singapore

‘O’ Level and IGCSE are two popular exams taken by teenagers in Singapore. Many students are more familiar with O’Level exams than IGCSE. However, they serve similar purposes and are both widely recognized by universities worldwide. Both exams are prerequisites for university admission and a successful pass in either exam will help students get into top universities.

IGCSE focuses on inquiry-based and learner-centred approaches to learning. It assesses a student’s knowledge, initiative, oral and practical abilities. It is a widely-accepted examination in Singapore and around the world.

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